Archive: September, 2010

the meeting place…

Posted on 09/20/10 in homelife, No Comments

We were thinking of where we could photograph the new little red book, ‘ideas book’ and ‘Cafe Bouquiniste’ was the first cafe to come to mind. It is full of atmosphere, art and good hearty food. Thank you to the fabulous team at ‘Cafe Bouquiniste’ for allowing us to take over! If you live in […]

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the time has come….

Posted on 09/20/10 in homelife, 3 Comments

When a new vision is birthed, it can be a ride full of emotion, much like when you are about to give birth to your first child. You are excited about the future, yet at the same time so nervous! What if I have forgotten something? What if? What if! WHAT IF! Well, the time […]

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The first day of spring!

Posted on 09/07/10 in homelife, 2 Comments

?Spring has sprung in the Masefau family home! The sideboard has arrived and now we can all enjoy watching TV…the kids for the movies and me for the decor…hehe…. I was thinking that really we should call old furniture ‘Chapter’ pieces. Why, you might ask?  Well, older furniture is like an old ‘loved’ book. It […]

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