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CREATING UNIQUE in a consumer focused world.

Posted on 07/14/14 in homelife, No Comments

It takes courage to step out and be you in a mass production – must have now – economy. Custom made items can take anything from 2 – 18 weeks to be manufactured and who has the time for this, right? So, I thought I would have this debate for you. Yep it has to […]

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It is a chilly winters’ morning here in Melbourne. The fire is glowing in the background as I sit at my computer wrapped in a blanket…oh how I love this time of year! It is in these cooler months our collection of blankets and throws come into their own. They add the cosy factor to […]

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The humble bedroom has a big duty to play in our lives. It’s where we go to rest and restore our mind body and soul in a very personal way. The living room also assists in these duties, but we all know that a night without a peaceful sleep can make for a rather challenging […]

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Posted on 06/19/14 in homelife, No Comments

If you have the mid-week blues NOW is the perfect time to address your creative space. I know, you are feeling a little overwhelmed and are thinking that you don’t have time to stop…BUT I assure you if you just step back for an hour and do a little decor tweaking your productivity will increase and […]

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RENT-THE-HOUSE…but, make it your home!

Posted on 06/03/14 in homelife, 2 Comments

Reading back through some notes today I stumbled upon a beautiful message I had received from a delightful lady that had attended one of my lectures and left feeling burden-less about their current rent-a-home scenario. We love renting. This I admit has not always been my opinion. When we first went from our-own-home into a rental […]

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Posted on 05/12/14 in homelife, No Comments

I have a décor crush on patterned tiles. There, I’ve said it. It’s out and we can now move on. Hehe – I love the personality that a great patterned tile brings to a room. A bench to ceiling splash back can transform a basic white kitchen palette into the ‘Wow’ factor of the room. […]

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Posted on 05/09/14 in homelife, No Comments

From where do trends immerge? Should we embrace them? How is it that you can search and search for something e.g. new car, new bag – and once you have decided on which one to buy you see them/it EVERYWHERE! As I have said, on more than one occasion trends are NOT pillars, they are […]

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Posted on 04/30/14 in homelife, No Comments

20 years ago today we said ‘I Do’. Not long before we got married we purchased a house to renovate so we could move in on our wedding day. To look back and see this beautiful home ignites so many wonderful memories. Family gathered on the side and back porch as we announced ‘we’re pregnant’ […]

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So the table is set, the roast is cooking beautifully in the oven and the cushions that line the sofa have been prepped and ready to receive guests. So why does it still feel a little bare? Adding flowers always injects a fresh vibe. If it’s an evening event a couple of candles will give […]

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Posted on 04/11/14 in homelife, No Comments

It is in times of need you most appreciate your loved ones and friends. We have been loved on over the passed week as we said good-bye to my Pop and sat with my auntie in hospital as the Doctor’s discuss their next step. We have been celebrating my Pop as a family; gathering to chat […]

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Posted on 03/24/14 in homelife, No Comments

Good Monday morning one and all!…It is a wonderfully gray day outside, which gives me great inspiration. Inspiration to dress with spunk and design with style. It is workshop week! Topic?…Entering the fabulous world of Design. Make no mistake – thoughtful design changes the way you live and brings a balance to a full home. Purposeful […]

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Posted on 03/19/14 in homelife, No Comments

Is stuff taking over your home? One of the most asked questions come question time at any one of my speaking events is “what should I do with all my parents stuff?” My first response is ‘Do you enjoy it?’ followed by ‘Is it stuff that works in your lifestyle?’ The general census is normally […]

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